Changing countless lives. Hear their experiences.

Dale was both a workshop and breakout presenter for our PMI MileHi Symposium this year. Her highly rated sessions were both practical and informative. Dale provides great tools and advice in how to deal with your “big rocks”. Many attendees asked for longer sessions with her. She provided excellent guidance for balancing life priorities and tools to increase performance.

Jim E.
Speaker, Lead PMI MileHi Symposium

I am the Director of Speaker Engagement for the Mile Hi Chapter of the Project Management Institute, the largest business association in the world. Dale spoke for our February 7th Chapter Meeting. She is a very gifted speaker and storyteller. What I love about Dale is how interactive she makes her presentations and how relatable her material is to not only Project Management, but to everyday life.

Her authentic personality message is eye opening and helpful to understand your own personality and also the personality of your coworkers and loved ones. I joked with her that I find it amusing that your spouse has the opposite personality type from you!

Dale is beloved at our PMI chapter. She spoke at our Women in Project Leadership conference last September and she will be speaking at our PMI Mile Hi Symposium in April 2024. Her vulnerability and storytelling is appreciated by our members. They are eagerly anticipating her next presentation.

If you want a gifted, authentic storyteller and speaker for your next presentation, I highly recommend Dale. Your attendees will appreciate you for it!

Julie Cooley
Director of Speaker Engagement, Mile Hi Chapter of the Project Management Institute

Dale’s message was so real you could just feel her authenticity coming through front start to finish.  The messaging around goal setting and writing those thoughts down with simple recommendations really resonated with our global women’s ERG group. I loved how she shared personal pieces of her own story with our audience.  I truly believe there is power in vulnerability and she let that come through beautifully. Attendees said things like: Phenomenal presentation! Dale was fantastic! She offered precise and specific recommendations for goal setting with excellent examples. And I really enjoyed this meeting and got a lot from it. I felt that Dale was very authentic, truthful and inspiring. She really gave me so many things to think about. Dale is well prepared; a great speaker and leader.  She speaks from the heart and her experiences really make her connect with an audience in an authentic way.

Emily Merola
SVP Assurex Global Partners, Women’s ERG

Great speaker and energy on stage! Dale's powerful message about finding your WHY was a perfect fit for our group. She’s professional, informative, and authentic. Dale is a joy to work with and offered so much more than a 1-hour keynote.

Sue Kober
Women in Leadership, Project Management Institute

Dale is a trustworthy, high performing, and effective speaker with strong integrity and an unwavering passion for helping others. She is truly an expert in her field and did a phenomena job educating our attendees on how to use their strengths to overcome their challenges.

Christan Parkin
Development Officer, Avista Adventist Hospital

Dale closed out our annual meeting with an incredible workshop on personality. Dale was prepared, engaging, fun, and created an experience tailored to our field of work and professional experiences. After taking Dale’s personality test, the room lit up with amazement at how accurate and relevant this information was to each of us personally.  Attendees commented that Dale brought fun and life to the meeting. They enjoyed the activities and interaction and felt they were able to learn more about their co-workers. I highly recommend Dale for any event!

Danielle Trujillo
Colorado Association of Municipal Court Administration

Dale Wilsher was the perfect fit to speak at our Edmond Chamber Women’s Summit. She breathed motivation and passion into our attendees by encouraging them to lean into themselves and who they were. She gave great insight into finding your individual purpose and engaging in authenticity. Our attendees loved Dale Wilsher and I would highly recommend booking Dale to speak at your next event!

Kristen King
Edmond Women’s Summit

Energetic, passionate, kind, and sincere is how I would describe Dale’s keynote and workshop presentations. Our Chamber hosted a sold-out Women’s Conference and Dale was the hit and highlight of the event. Nearly every review submitted by attendees rated her sessions as FANTASTIC! Not only did she resonate with attendees, Dale was a total joy to work with on the planning/booking side. I would highly encourage meeting planners to hire Dale she does not disappoint!

Marcy Kauffman
Vice President Of Membership - Hutchinson/Reno County Chamber of Commerce

Big thumbs up for Dale! She’s aspirational, inspirational and motivational. She makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room. She’s not just a faculty member, she’s someone who really cares about us as individuals.

Mary Griffin
VP Membership African American Chamber of Commerce

Dale is the "go-to" speaker on personality types and how they affect relationships in business and life. Her information is invaluable to create more effective teams in the business environment. Dale gave us a wealth of information to share in our work environment to help us to grow and prosper ourselves and our clients... and our families too!

Jenny Dean Schmidt
Executive Director and Radio Host, Channelmom Media

As one of the chairs for the events committee for Women in Healthcare – Denver, I hire and work with a good number of speakers. Dale Wilsher went above and beyond for our event. She customized her content to fit our group. Her presentation was well put together, thoughtful, accessible, and relevant. We could have talked for hours. Dale event created facilitator packets so we could continue the conversation after her presentation. And continue we did, her content so connected with our group that we could have talked for hours. Not only was her presentation great, but she was also really easy to work with. She was organized and still flexible. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone!

Jennifer Perlow
Women in Healthcare Denver

We brought Dale in to train our team at our first ever company retreat. Dale was an engaging, prepared, interactive speaker. The DISC training for the team of women in our company was informative and extremely helpful in increasing teamwork and cooperation amongst the group.

We had practical take-aways, high engagement in the content, and I look forward as the owner of my company to see how relationships take on a deeper level of trust and understanding of each other going forward.

Amy Hayes
Owner, Bloom Kitchens

Dale struck the perfect tone to close out our conference, sending participants home with a sense of possibility and priority. She was very comforting and encouraging as she helped our professionals recognize the difference between what's urgent and what's truly important.

TJ Sullivan
Chairman, ACCC Conference

Dale is not just a great speaker, well researched and knowledgeable, she also connects her content to the organization....and she's entertaining, too! We are still referring to her talk as we connect our work to our why.

Laura Serendinski
CPO, Printfection

Dale's message about negotiating and advancing in your career was highly relevant and impactful for our group. She provided practical strategies and actionable tips that resonated with everyone. Her insights helped us gain confidence in our negotiation skills and understand how to navigate career challenges effectively. The attendees frequently praised Dale's engaging presentation style and ability to simplify complex negotiation concepts. Many mentioned that they felt inspired and motivated to implement the strategies she shared. Additionally, they appreciated her real-life examples, which made the content relatable and easy to grasp.I would highly recommend Dale as a speaker without hesitation. Her expertise in negotiation and career growth is unparalleled, and she has a remarkable ability to connect with the audience. Dale's presentation will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact, empowering attendees with valuable skills they can immediately apply in their professional lives.

Kierstyn Feldlavy
Registered Architect, Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program

As the closing keynote for our four state conference, Dale brought high energy, relatability, and huge impact to our attendees.

They said, 'Her presentation was talking right to me' and 'We want her to speak at our women's conference. Dale was easy to work with and taught us all how to slow down and keep the urgent from hijacking what is most important.

Ruth Littlefield
Conference Director, MAKO Chamber Executives

I would highly recommend Dale to anyone looking to hire a well-spoken and engaging speaker.

Kris Kerrigan
Director, Medical Staff Services, Banner Health

Dale is an excellent story teller and leverages technology for both visual and auditory learners. Having seen her live DISC presentation, I can say that she is just as engaging virtually.

Cynthia Molina
CEO, Boulder Valley Women's Health

Dale knows how to engage an audience and keep it authentic. Her content on meaning and mindset was so impactful in helping us build a team attitude for our company.

Jack O’Connor
CEO, The Denver 100

Dale's sessions were informative, thought-provoking, heartfelt, and interactive. We would highly recommend her for any women's group.

Matthew McCauley
M.D.President, Christian Ophthalmology Society

Dale's How to Keep the Urgent from Hijacking What's Important keynote was spot on for our Women in Business conference and relevant to anyone regardless of profession or position. Dale has the perfect combination of scientific knowledge, practical application, and humor to keep any listener engaged!

Lisa Frogge
Director of Membership, Lee's Summit MO Chamber of Commerce

Dale was the keynote for our annual ElevateU Leadership Conference. It was the perfect message to help us find our WHY to create a greater impact with our business. Dale was professional, engaging, and a joy to work with.

We really appreciated how she took the time to network with our group.

Tiffany Shephard
Events Director, Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce

Dale is an accomplished motivator and speaker with an authentic, relational style that encourages and inspires others. I highly recommend Dale as a leader in teaching, coaching or motivational speaking.

Chritine Geerts
President 5280 Success, Inc.

Dale has an inspirational and empowering story to tell about her authentic self. This message was timely for every attendee and helped us connect with each other as we move towards creating even greater impact as a team.

Mary Ann Littler
CEO, Peak to Peak Business Strategies

At our recent Women’s Empowering Event, we featured Dale Wilsher as our keynote speaker. Her warmth and expressive personality shone through and she touched the hearts of everyone attending! Dale did an outstanding job presenting her insights and expertise to our attendees. Specifically, people enjoyed learning about how we can improve ourselves and our relationships with others, by utilizing key elements particular to finding your purpose and tapping into your potential and getting to know yourself better. Our audience appreciated Dale’s ability to speak on several topics that hinder women in our personal growth, such as putting others needs before our own, our limiting self-beliefs, and more. Everyone who attended walked away with something that they found valuable and were presented with the opportunity to learn more. Dale is exceptional at making her audience feel comfortable while exploring ideas that are not always comfortable to discuss. She is excellent at communicating ideas and topics for growth. Dale is key at presenting how we as individuals can improve our lives by living in the moment and by being more authentic, especially to ourselves! Given Dale’s ability to speak to a diverse audience, she is an excellent choice when you are considering insightful topics to present to others.

Raven Astrom
PhD, Broomfield Women in Business

Dale closed out our annual Evolution Women's Conference as our closing keynote. She brought great value, authenticity, and engagement to our attendees. She helped us elevate our entire event with her message and professionalism.

Natalie Cummings
CEO, Brighton Chamber of Commerce

We fell in love with Dale! She is authentic, raw, and real and absolutely shines. In the short time she was with our group she redirected me back towards my WHY. Spending time with Dale is powerful and life changing.

Kristen Judd
Speaker Director, Polka Dot Powerhouse

We had the opportunity to invite Dale to be our keynote speaker at our annual Women's Night of Connection event. This event welcomes a mixed audience of teenagers and professional business women. Despite this challenge, Dale was fantastic at keeping everyone engaged and motivated during the presentation. The professional and personal experiences she shared made it easy for everyone to relate to the content. In preparation for the event we met virtually, presented our vision and Dale took care of the rest. It was so easy, and yet, very impactful working with her. We look forward to other opportunities to collaborate with Dale!

Maye Cordero
Events Director, Boulder Chamber of Commerce

Dale was our keynote speaker this month and made such an impact on our group! Attendees loved her inspirational message of living a value-centered life and are anxious to bring her back to hear more. A seasoned professional and caring speaker, Dale wowed us with her wisdom and made us think more deeply about our passion and purpose.

Margie Seyfer
Wheat Ridge Business Association

Dale was the speaker for our Women of Influence luncheon with her How to Keep the Urgent from Hijacking What's Important presentation. Dale was warm, engaging, and relatable. Her message resonated with everyone in the room from CEOs to business owners and moms. We learned that the average professional is only productive 2 hours and 53 minutes a day, being busy does not mean you are more important, and how to align your prioities with your core values. Everyone left feeling motivated to re-evaluate their priorties and what is currently viewed as "important" in their life.

Eliza McAvenia
Program Manager, Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce

I recently saw Dale speak and was thrilled to leave her presentation with very actionable suggestions for finding my "why." Dale is engaging, intelligent and a true expert in her field. I look forward to working with her privately in the future.

Cynthia Stadd Orvis
Coach & Speaker, The Embodiment Studio

I heard Dale speak at the Boulder Women"s Leadership Group's Night Connection. Dale's energy and storytelling were two components of her message that I loved the most. Her energy was contagious and got me fired up to get going with my own business. Her storytelling made her vulnerable and relatable. I would highly recommend her for your event.

Erin Reynolds
Leadership Consultant, Erin Reynolds Communication

Dale's virtual talk was one of the best presentations we've had. She has this ability to weave compelling storytelling with pertinent information in a timely and enjoyable manner. It left us all wanting to know, What is my Why?

Julia Davis
Executive Director, Carbon Valley Chamber

Dale delivers well-researched content in a way that participants can grab onto and integrate into their everyday lives. She is well-prepared and engaging.

Carla Foote
Principal, Fine Print Editorial

Dale Wilsher's message on personality is timeless. She had us all glued to our seats and eager to hear more. Her delivery commanded attention and we all left inspired.

Karen Hull
Stonecroft Chapter Chairman

Dale's message and presentation resonates, connects and inspires the audience. She's possesses that unique speaking ability to take the audience from being an attendee to paying attention to her message!

Dale Johnson
Voice of the CU Buffs, University of Colorado

Dale Wilsher brought one of our very favorite talks of the year to our Moms of Littles group at Mission Hills Church. She was relatable, funny and really made our moms feel seen. Women loved being challenged to look at who God designed them to be, and not to “perform” how we think we should at home or at work. One of our mom’s put it this way: “This session was eye opening on how to use my strengths and to be proud of them and how to see my weakness and still thrive with them.” We would highly recommend Dale as a speaker for any event where you want to encourage people to learn more about how they are wired and how to effectively live and lead out of those strengths. Her content is interesting, but also practical in ways to apply it immediately.

Erin M.
Coordinator, Mission Hills Church

In early 2022, I started to actively seek a career change.  I was burned out, working multiple 12 and 14 hour days each week. I was doing work that no longer satisfied me.  The spark in me that used to light up at work was barely a glimmer.  I knew it was time for a change, but I didn’t know where to start in finding my passion.  That’s when I found Dale Wilsher and her Your Authentic Personality program.  

Dale stood out above the many coaches I interviewed in her thorough assessment of my needs, a clear path forward in our work together, and trusted follow-up.  Dale exudes an abundance mindset that impacts every interaction.  I knew I was getting so much more than simply help updating my resume.  I was getting a chance to redefine my future.

In working with Dale, I consistently felt that we were working specifically on my needs and not simply following a cookie cutter approach.  One of Dale’s favorite phrases to me was, “We are going to go slow, so we can go fast.”  I needed the slower pace to juggle the demands of work while focusing on my future as well.  Dale helped me see the importance of taking our time to build a strong foundation for me.  It was time well spent!

The most amazing accomplishment in working with Dale is being able to know my goals with the ability to pursue them authentically.  Through this awareness, I have focused my career search to the right roles and in organizations that accept my need for balance.  And in a few weeks, I The greatest accomplishment working together was discovering my core values.  The process was enjoyable and to have clearly specified values gives me clear direction for any decision I make in the future.  Most recently, I’ve been able to articulate my core values when interviewing for my next role.  Not only does it help me know if the position meets my needs, but also gives the interviewer insights into who I am as a potential employee.  

Additionally, our work on my career timeline was incredibly beneficial for me in understanding what I really want and don’t want in my next career.  Without this work, I could have easily ended up in a similar position with tasks that simply don’t suit my workstyle.  In my search, I’m far more focused on what activities I enjoy in the workplace and pursuing roles that align.

get to start a new chapter of growth with a supportive and enthusiastic team.

Jennie T.
MacMillan Learning, Regional Sales Mgr.

Dale has seriously changed my life ... and I didn't even know it needed changing! This is not an overstatement and I hope you will read through to hear a glimpse of my story. It all started with her book, "What is your Mom Type?" For fun I took the quiz and proudly exclaimed my "type" ... then Dale said "I know you and I'm pretty sure that's not your type. That is a mask." I had no idea what that meant, but trusted her. So we started working together peeling back a lifetime of expectations I placed on myself based on what I assumed others expected of me. Through Dale's incredible knowledge and processes, together we uncovered my true strengths, gifts and values, and it was liberating! It all suddenly felt like ME! ... and then Covid hit. Like most everyone, I slowed down and during this time Dale took the opportunity to guide me through a deep dive discovering my Why, identifying what is Essential in my life and helping me make it actionable. Honestly THIS IS LIFE CHANGING STUFF!

Prior to working with Dale I was already running my own successful business, raised my children, had a happy marriage and my Ph.D. Life was good by standard measures ... but I was trying do to it all and drowning in the process. I assumed that was to be expected if you were going to "have it all". Flash forward, and today life is not only good, it is GREAT! Through Dale I have not only found my meaning in life, but also how to live with meaning. I am learning how to identify what truly aligns with my purpose, the best use of my strengths & gifts and how to set limits and boundaries on the things that are simply areas of "competence" and not truly my strengths. Because of Dale I am energized (not drained) everyday. I go to bed each night eager for morning to come and get started again ... and to me that's pretty darn incredible!

I honestly cannot thank Dale enough for helping me break through my mask and teaching me how to live a life with meaning where I can shine!

Dr. Tam Stone
TSI Interiors

Dale has literally helped me build my thoughts and vision into a concrete business that I am proud to share with the world. She not only helped me develop my personal and business brand, understand my WHY, my values, and my strengths but she has helped me to move confidently as a woman and business owner. Dale is the real deal.

Ashley Carter
Leadership Athletics, CEO

I’ve made a lot of decisions lately, but I can 110%, truly state that choosing to work with Dale was by far the best one. Dale has taught me that when you know yourself, when you authentically understand what you value, what lights you up and who you were put on this planet to serve, you can accomplish anything, develop a life of meaning and stand firm to any wrinkle, hiccup or devastating blow that comes your way. Now THAT is powerful. Through the combination of Dale's coaching with Your Authentic Personality and her workshop, The Career Cohort, I've unveiled who I am at my core and I've undergone the most intensive and valuable self-reflection exercise to date. Dale embodies the knowledge, background, qualifications, set of values and genuine compassion that allowed her to dive deep with me, provide me with a multitude of resources to help set me on the right path by asking me the key, deep questions that no one has before. Better yet, Dale helped me find grace and compassion for myself for the way I am and to truly celebrate my individual contributions. She also encouraged me to remember fun or special memories as well as my favorite childhood movies, songs and products from childhood for clues to what I grew up valuing and getting energized by. Now THAT is genius. And most of all, Dale helped me put my findings, research, aha moments and revised plans into action through her own insights, connections and strategies to get me to the next level. I am living out my truth and purpose! Now THAT is a WIN!

Sarah V.
Risk Management Sales, Aegis Group

I started working with Dale because I realized that I was limiting myself, but needed help to identify what needed to change and how to go about making that change. As a coach myself it is critical that I continuously evaluate and work on my blind spots and challenges.

I appreciated Dale’s coach approach. She didn’t try to fix me but instead helped me identify and remove my own obstacles. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me to see what was missing and what I could do differently . She kept me on my toes.

The conversations we had were always centering and grounding. Through our work I realized that I am capable of more than I let myself believe. Dale helped me remove those self-limiting beliefs so that I could unleash my full potential. I can now comfortably show up as I am both

with clients and throughout life and truly be present. What I thought was a lack of confidence was actually a need to let go of unrealistic expectations and external pressures.

Jennifer Durbin Tuffy
Executive Coach

Recently I met Dale at a conference for Chamber Professionals where she was the keynote speaker. I faced a challenge that made me evaluate my strengths, weaknesses, and personality. Was my leadership style enough for this new chapter? I was very impressed with Dale's compelling story and what she offered for personality assessment. I hired her a month later as a "Life Coach" and it was the best investment I could have made in my future. She was patient with me, dug deep to help me understand my personality and others' leadership styles, and equipped me to push through my fears to move forward. During our last coaching session, I told her that regardless of the outcome of an election I was participating in, I WON! Investing in myself and finding Dale has put me in a position to live my best life. I have clarity on what I bring positive to every situation and grace for those who are wired differently than myself. I couldn't thank her enough and definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to seek an abundant life!

Kim O’Sullivan
CEO, Barton County Chamber of Commerce

When I started working with Dale I was trying to figure out my next step in my career and was feeling very lost, discouraged, and stuck. After working together for just a few months, I started getting clarity on how to make my dreams a reality. Not only did Dale help to guide the direction, she also was there every step of the way to keep me accountable and stay on track. She helped me uncover my strengths and how to go after what I wanted. A year ago, I would never imagined stepping into my confidence and taking the path to be a public speaker. I have worked with many business coaches through my career and Dale stands out as the most effective by far!

Robyn B.
Image Stylist & Professional Speaker

I can not express how much Dale has helped me both personally as well as with my business! I meet many coaches in my line of work and this was the first time that I was moved to try coaching myself. I was struggling with a hard decision to make and know I needed some change in my life. I started working with Dale one one one a few months ago and she has helped me clear the clutter of things going on in my thoughts, business and day to day life. I have taken several of her online classes that have also helped me to identify blockers, underlining belief, my must haves, and purpose. Which has led me to live a more authentic life! I can not say enough positive things about Dale and her processes!

Tammy Degenhart
Advertising Consultant, Our Broomfield Magazine

Dale is amazing!! Coaching with her is such a great experience. I not only know I have grown in my career, but as a person and have such a better understanding of me and what I'm capable of. She has helped me to grow and stretch myself and has made a huge difference in my world. I am forever grateful!

Kimber O'Connor
Real Estate Coach, Denver 100

When I engaged Dale as a life coach, I was at a life crossroads, personally and professionally. My mother had recently died and my caretaker role was gone. I was ready to be challenged at work.

Dale helped me to solidify my values and identify my personality type through a DISC assessment.

She really listened and understood which tools I could use to guide my future path. A year later, a position opened up at work and I was ready to accept the promotion. Dale was great to work with and opened my eyes to new life possibilities.

I highly recommend Dale!

Lexie Kelly
Asst Treasurer, University of Colorado, Boulder

Dale has been an absolute joy to work with. She challenges me and pushes me in the right direction with compassion and conviction. She has a great capacity for making sense of others talents (and handwriting) and being open to learning with her clients.

I just finished the summer cohort session of #careerpivot (I believe it was formerly known as career kickstart, also I have no idea if that hashtag will work but I am optimistic) and I would like to inform you dear reader of this review, in the ways it changed my life.

The TL;DR of it is by doing your part of the work, Dale can absolutely guide you into your next career options, working with your personal situation. It helps a ton to be in a cohort with people who are also looking for accelerated change in their lives and it will benefit you to be prepared to discuss your situation in this cohort each week.

The nitty gritty: This particular course was resource-rich, enabled me to connect with someone who is on a similar journey to mine and empowered us in our realization that we can't change alone, and that's wonderful news. Having qualified support is the difference between success and subpar results (or staying in regrettable and avoidable ruts).

Dales support and clarification on my values and purpose lead to abundant opportunities presenting themselves with a degree of immediacy. Recently, I was interviewing for an internship and because I had just worked with Dale on clarifying my values and my vision for the world, I was not only able to answer the "tell me about you question" with great confidence, but my vision statement answer (which came from doing the work in this course) excited one of the interviewers so greatly, they immediately encouraged me to apply for my DREAM JOB  in that moment.

Additionally, working through receiving and working in the lens of my values, I have been receiving opportunities to make more money and connections at a greater speed than I ever would have thought about on my own.

All in all, I encourage you to work with Your Authentic Personality / Dale Wilsher and I'll be here when you get there to cheerlead you from all the places I am going.

Jessica Harville

The practical information Dale shares and her ability to communicate it in applicable ways has been transformative personally and professionally. I use the skills of understanding personalities as well as knowing my purpose, vision, and mission daily!

Christen Hardee-Thompson
Head Coach Women’s Softball, Menlo College

From our very first interaction, it was clear that Dale possessed the expertise and insight I needed to build and launch my coaching business. She walked me through the process of setting up my coaching practice, from crafting a lead-generating quiz for my email campaign to fine-tuning my niche and expanding my network. Her drive and attention to detail ensured that I stayed on track.

With her guidance, I not only got my coaching business off the ground but also landed my very first client - and not just any client, but one who opted for the largest package I offered! This immediate success is a testament to the effectiveness of Dale's strategies and the depth of her coaching.

In addition to the personalized coaching, I had the privilege of taking Dale's Career Pivot course. This course was the perfect complement to her coaching, confirming that I was indeed on the right path. It also opened a door to another opportunity that aligns perfectly with my values and passions!

If you're seeking a coach who will propel you into action and elevate you to new heights, I highly recommend Dale. Her expertise and structured approach will turn your dreams into reality!

Melissa K.
Relationship Coach, Melissa Koehn Coaching

Dale has been a life changer for me both personally and professionally! Not only has she helped me create a unique and strong resume and an effective Linkedin profile, she has also helped me specify my strengths and values in order for me to find the career that is best for me. I truly believe she utilizes the most effective methods to help you find the perfect job and career path for YOU as an individual.

Tatum Wade
Business Development Representative, Oracle Netsuite

My work with Dale has given me strength and helped to define my purpose in all areas of my life. Our work has helped me to rise in my business by embracing who I am, my talents and to really use those to move my business forward. The goal setting journey allowed me to incorporate who I am and my strengths into how I will and should run my business. I no longer second guess many things I did in the past. I step out in faith and strength and just move things forward and the results have been exciting. More things are falling into place and with more ease.

Billie Ortega
Owner, Shades of Divine

Dale has helped me to hone in on what's important with my business as well as with my personal life. I have a tendency to have too many irons in the fire and with Dale's coaching, I have identified what is essential to build my business and my personal relationships.

Susie Goodwin
CEO, Miracles in Parenting

I had the privilege of working with Dale as she guided me through some professional and life goals. She brought valuable insights to personality type, life experience, business goals, and a consistent and practical can-do approach. It was apparent during my many months meeting with Dale, how deeply she cares about helping others maximize their potential in a way that is specific, actionable, and true to who they are. I highly recommend her.

Annie S.

I used to do everything for my family but through Dale's Boundary Bootcamp class, I now have provided them with the information they need to take care of themselves. I'm serving them much better now. Our home environment is more stable, calm and predictable.

Christina S.
Development Director, Gallatin Valley Farm To School

One thing that Dale provided for me is much needed affirmation of my strengths. When I jumped into my new career, I had no idea what to focus on and if I could even be successful. With Dale's help, I was able to narrow down WHAT my strengths and values are, and how to apply those to my new path. Even on days when I didn't feel prepared to meet with her, and had a lot on my plate, I came away from our meetings with more clarity, confidence and focus. I would attribute a good portion of my ability to keep moving forward to the time I spent talking to her about what I would like to achieve and how to do that.

Susan H.

Dale is incredible! I came to get for coaching because I felt out of control of my own life. I used to choose what I should do because other people wanted me to do it. I was a major people pleaser and perfectionist. After coaching with Dale, I now have my values and purpose statement so I can be authentic in clarifying what I want and what motivates me, rather than focusing on what others think I should be/do. Dale helped me focus on my priorities and the why's behind them. I have learned how to change that negative voice inside my head to one that is more curious and positive. And-big one-I've started noticing when I am doing something simply to please others. Although I still have a lot of work to continue, I have felt the power in myself shift in the past months I've worked with Dale. I'm grateful to know her.

Tiffany Blakley
Community Engagement Coordinator, Jefferson Academy Schools

When I thought I wanted to pivot my business completely and become a coach with a website and multiple coaching programs, I realize I had been spending more time looking at what other people in my field were doing instead of looking inward to realize what I wanted and needed. Having taken this deeper dive into my authentic self with Dale as my coach, I can now see the possibilities before me that align with my mission and vision for me, my family life and my business goals. Such a fruitful investment! I highly recommend Dale!

Jordan Langdon
Parent Coach, Families of Character

Dale is full of knowledge, wisdom and grace. I have learned so many tools that I can use forever. I learned all about my personality, what kind of work environment suits me well and the type of people with whom I work best.

Wendy P.
Investigative Officer, Colorado Dept Early Childhood

I’m a completely different person than I was a year ago! I felt lost and wasn't living in an authentic, meaningful way. Dale helped me figure out who I am and what I want to do. I feel so amazing now.

Elizabeth S.
Project Coordinator, Center for Advancing Professional Excellence

It was such a joy to work with Dale! She was encouraging and empathetic in helping me clarify my purpose and discover my unique value.

Cheryl S.

Having Dale as a life coach is changing my life for the better in more ways than I can possibly list here!  After trying counseling several times and self help books and all kinds of things, I had become convinced that "I'm a train wreck and that's just the way it is", but with Dale's caring guidance everything is changing! I've learned that I can change my life by changing my thinking (it seems so simple and like "why didn't I think of that" but I didn't realize ways that I needed to change my thinking until Dale pointed it out and it's revolutionary). She also helped me understand my strengths and my values. She did a resume that fit my very unique situation, wrote a very professional cover letter, and helped me get my LinkedIn set up in a professional manner. As I said the list is endless!  Thank you Dale!

Wanda L.

Dale is absolutely amazing, and her coaching and the resources provided through Your Authentic Personality have changed my life for the better. She meets you where you are at and joins your journey. She is inspiring, authentic, motivating, and one of my top role models.

Kathryn Sweet
Owner, Elite Doodles

I graduated high school in 2019. For a couple years I was doing jobs here and there trying to figure out what I wanted to do. After just a summer of working with Dale I was able to find my calling in healthcare.

Ben H.

I know who I am better and why I may respond to situations in a specific manner. This has been very helpful to understand how my personality fits in the work environment and how it can be utilized to help the success of any team I am a part of. Regarding the Cohort Group, it was essential to help give me the confidence to know that other people are feeling similarly to me, with the same uncertainties and self doubts - that I was not alone. What was marvelous about this band of cohorts, is that we came together and pointed out each other's strengths, cheered each other on, and inspired each other to be more than we were allowing ourselves to be. With Dale's guidance, we remembered who we used to aspire to be, and if it was still a desire to be that person. This was eye opening in a way that stopped you in your tracks, made you take a moment to wrap your head around, and strengthened your resolve to go for it! The single greatest insight was recognizing the years of volunteer work during a "career break" was meaningful and needed in the current work environment. I hadn't been in a bubble or just woke up out of a deep slumber for years and had no skills to offer. Much of what I have been doing is very practical in the job market, I just needed to know how to explain it. It is interesting, the more I tell people of Dale's courses, the more I realize how many people are not satisfied with their current employment. I would LOVE to see this course offered to young people who are just starting out in college. Perhaps as a requirement to graduate from high school. I think it would help them set their course and know who they are and who they want to become and WHY! It takes work, but it is worth it!

Kimberlee Le
Career Pivoter

I feel that as a result of coaching I am more confident and focused. Working with Dale through the DISC process to learn more about my personality type has been helpful in seeing how I react and respond to different situations around me. It has helped me to be more effective in work interactions as I have new insights into how to better leverage my strengths as well as areas where I can focus on personal growth. Taking time out my busyness to focus on my core values in relation to my DISC strengths is helping me better focus on where God is leading me. I’ve come to better appreciate my more quiet, servant leadership style—something that isn’t always appreciated in a corporate atmosphere. I’m more forgiving of myself and have less self-doubts as I work to better appreciate all my God-given traits, values and talents. I also feel that I now have a framework to establish boundaries where necessary and overall help me make better decisions based on my values and strengths.

Marsha W.
IT QA Consultant, Travel + Leisure Co

The path from motherhood back to a career is confusing and difficult. Dale helped me navigate it by rediscovering what is most important to me rather than following what I'm expected to do.

Jackie H.
Exhibits and Facilities Coordinator, WOW Children's Museum

I have been on the receiving end of Dale’s Executive Life & Leadership Coaching Program.  My life has been greatly impacted both personally and professionally.  Dale has equipped me to lead with purpose, tapping into my fullest potential.  Her discovery process to establish my personal brand has empowered me to boldly lead in all areas of my life.  She has given me the tools to not only recognize but also believe in my gifts, my strengths, and my core values.  Because of her incredible Coaching techniques, I am now living from a place of doing what I do best.

Kristi Busatti
Executive Director, Open Door Health Services
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