Who are you really?

Want to feel comfortable in your own skin? Want to like who you are? Want to appreciate your gifts and start sharing them with others? Want to stop obsessing over your weaknesses?

Then you’ve got to discover your authentic personality.

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If you..
Want to define your personal brand
Want to know what job is right for you
Want to create a solid work-life balance
Want to set healthy boundaries
Want to live with confidence, courange, and a deep sense of meaning...
it all begins by undersanding your true self.
Your authentic personality is based on a combination of your genetics, influences, and experiences. It’s the set of traits that have been chosen for you, gifted to you, and wired into your very DNA. I call your authentic personality, your slice, your slice of God’s image. But what often happens as we get into our lives and our careers is that we shift. We morph little by little to be what others want and need us to be. And we lose sight of our original design, the source of our true genius and the strengths that will allow us to rise.

But it’s not too late. It’s never too late. Today is the day you can meet the real you.
Dale Wilsher PCC, CCSP
Professional Development Expert

Rediscover and appreciate your innate talents with the Your Authentic Personality Test.

As the owner of Your Authentic Personality, my mission is to make you feel confident in your own skin. Too often, you take you natural aptitudes for granted, assuming what comes easy to you must be common to all. This misconception can prevent you from valuing and harnessing your unique talents, limiting the incredible contributions you can make. Start your journey to deeper self-awareness and begin to realize your full potential.

How to Find Your Personality Type


1. Take the personality quiz

Dive into a set of curated questions designed to help you uncover the real you. Your answers pave the way to understanding your unique personality.

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2. Review Your Results

After completing the quiz, explore the in-depth analysis of your results. Discover your distinct personality type and gain insights into your strengths, preferences, and potential.

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3. Schedule a Consultation

Get personalized feedback and guidance from Dale, an expert in authentic personality types. Discuss your results and chart a course for your future.

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Which type are you?

Discover what it means and watch the videos to learn more...


Improvers are precise, detailed, compassionate, and ethical when at their best. They value truth and justice and keep us out of jail. Often called perfectionists, we prefer to call them Improvers!


A person that has the Stabilizer personality type likes to live a balanced and steady life. They are loyal and caring and promote peace and harmony. Their report card read, Plays well with others.


A Doer is an intense, fast-paced go-getter. Considered bossy by some and authoritative by others, they are self-assured, quick-thinking individuals who prefer to make their own choices and overcome challenges.


Connectors are social butterflies and consummate communicators. They are energetic, inspiring, and optimistic. Always entertaining and expressive, these individuals can talk you into anything.

If you would like to design your fullest life and embrace your truest work, I'd love to help! As a life and career coach I provide clear direction that is uniquely designed for your inspiring and impactful future.

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I have a better understandingof how to use my own gifts and not get bogged down in the traits I wish I had more of.
"Maybe even more importantly, I was able to uncover some things about me that were inauthentic and masks. I’m still working on them, but knowing and admitting they are there is the first step."
Anna D, Executive Director
The test was quick and easy and yet SO accurate!
"My answers scored me in the category that I would have described myself, but I had never considered that this was all God's design."
Amazon reviewer
I was reminded of the beauty of my personality;parts of me that I had begun to see as negative, I now see as strength.
"I am re-energized to live fully as I am, to embrace my tendencies, and to see the beauty of what I have to offer!"
Amazon reviewer

If you're a mom...

When you know your Mom Type, you will know the best you have to offer your family. Dale will show you how your weaknesses can draw you closer to God and how your personality, when infused by Him, can lead to a more confident, beautiful, and authentic version of you.