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Authenticity is a Game Changer

Whether you’re looking to build stronger team dynamics, improve motivation and morale, or foster better relationships with those you work with every day, authenticity will get you the win.

But according to a recent study, 61% of employees are hiding some element of their identity at work eroding their energy and sense of belonging not to mention the strengths that are left untapped. I offer a fresh perspective on this universal struggle.

My mission is to ignite a fire of passion and purpose within each individual in your organization and help them embrace their authenticity. Imagine a workforce that's not only aligned with their true potential but empowered to break free from the noise of others' expectations and realize their full capabilities.

Let's rewrite the narrative together—shifting from a life of passive compliance to one of purposeful intent.

Dale can help you define yourself like never before and create a meaning mindset for you and your organization.

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Leading with purpose
The Power of Purpose: Be You at a Higher Level

What is your purpose? Is it your job ? The people that you love or lead? Your goals? Actually, it's none of those things. Your purpose is not WHAT you do, or WHO you serve, or WHERE you are going. Your purpose is WHY you exist and the difference you are here to make.

In this inspiring message, Dale shows you how to find your purpose and realize your greatest potential in both your personal and professional life. Through an understanding of your signature strengths, core values, mission and vision, you will begin to see what you are here to do and rise up with courage to be all that you were meant to be.

This program is perfect for leaders and team members:

who want clear direction for the next best step in their career

who want to unlock more leadership potential by uncovering their hidden strengths

who want to increase engagement and excitement in the work they do

who want to build a stronger team dynamic, improve employee morale, and foster better relationships among employees

Dale has the perfect combination of scientific knowledge, practical application, and humor to keep any listener engaged!
This keynote was spot on and relevant to anyone regardless of profession or position. Dale has the perfect combination of scientific knowledge, practical application, and humor to keep any listener engaged!
Lisa Frogge, Director, Women in Business Conference
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Likeability vs. Competence: Balancing Conflicting Expectations for Women

Authenticity is a complex issue for female leaders. Societal expectations say women should demonstrate softness, but when they do they are seen as personable not powerful. On the flip side, when women speak up or exert authority they are seen as aggressive rather than assertive. This damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t double bind scenario plays out daily in the workplace resulting in penalties particularly for women.   

It's time to rewrite the narrative and pave the way for authentic female leadership in today's evolving professional landscape. Discover the strategies needed to manage the double bind by knowing the invaluable perspectives you bring to the table, leveraging your unique style, and supplementing your strengths without diminishing yourself in the process. You will leave empowered and inspired as you learn how to unlock your female potential and contribute at the highest level.

This program is perfect for:

women who hold leadership positions or emerging female leaders who want to amplify their impact and contribution in the workforce.

women who encounter conflicting expectations in their careers but want to assert their authority while staying true to themselves.

female executives and managers who want to thrive as authentic leaders and leverage their greatest strengths.

men who are in leadership positions who want to promote gender equity and learn to be an ally in fostering inclusive environments.

Dale's presentation skills are phenomenol. She was engaging, inspiring, entertaining and provided really good information.
I appreciated how she tied in the cognitive piece of leveraging strengths and showed us how to lean in to the other styles to be most effective. Dale’s content aligned so well with what we train and facilitate for our organization. She is doing great work for women and the world.
Tracy Schoenebeck, HR Operations Manager, Town of Erie
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The Art of Confident Leadership: Building Decisive Action for Natural and Nurtured Leaders

Confidence is the foundation of leadership, and yet for women, it does not always come easily. Some personality types are naturally endowed with confidence and some are not. The good news is confidence can be learned by all.

In this talk, you'll learn how to build your confidence levels as a leader and understand why leadership is not a one-size-fits-all role. You'll determine if you have natural or nurtured confidence and how that affects your leadership style. You'll also learn how to lead both confident and cautious team members and get the do's and don'ts of building confidence as a leader.

This talk will provide practical strategies and insights to help you unlock your leadership potential and achieve success in your professional life.

This program is perfect for leaders and team members:

who struggle with a lack of confidence and want to understand how it affects their professional growth.

who want to understand the different types of confidence and how they affect leadership styles.

who want to learn how to lead different members of your team.

who want to learn how they might be encouraging insecurity and instead how to create confidence-building habits.

Her information is invaluable to create more effective teams in the business environment.
"Dale is the "go-to" speaker on personality types and how they affect relationships in business and life. Her information is invaluable to create more effective teams in the business environment. Dale gave us a wealth of information to share in our work environment to help us to grow and prosper ourselves and our clients... and our families too!"
Jenny Dean Schmidt, Executive Director and Radio Host, Channelmom Media
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How to Keep the Urgent from Hijacking What's Important
A Neuroscientific Approach to Meaningful Productivity

The average employee is only productive for 2 hours and 53 minutes per day*, resulting in decreased profits and increased stress. It's not just a time management problem, it's a brain issue that stems from a lack of awareness and poor self-management.

With all that you have to do: urgent demands, crazy expectations, and a pace of work that never seems to end, is it possible to make meaningful progress toward things that matter most? Especially in an age of unprecedented attention-hijacking in which you are being patterned everyday to react to urgency instead of pursuing resiliency and legacy.

The answer is Yes!

If you're sick of living in a rush, Dale will provide the practical tools to help you distinguish between the urgent, eliminate the trivial, and choose the important so that you can make time  for what really matters: meaningful relationships and mission-based work.

This program is perfect for leaders and team members:

who struggle with low employee productivity and want strategies to improve their team's effectiveness

with elevated stress levels who want to manage their brains better and create a healthier work environment that fosters well-being

who grapple with the challenge of prioritizing tasks but want to guide themselves and their teams in making better decisions

who want to maintain focus and minimize distractions

who desire a balance between work and personal life so they can better manage their time and allow for more meaningful relationships outside of work

As the closing keynote for our four state conference, Dale brought high energy, relatability, and huge impact to our attendees.
As the closing keynote for our four state conference, Dale brought high energy, relatability, and huge impact to our attendees.
Ruth Littlefield, Director, MAKO Chamber Executives
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Wow your audience with a speaker who delivers

Provide an enriching experience

Dale is a proven motivator with an uncanny ability to make her audiences laugh and think. Her messages, artfully woven together with real life stories and fresh insight, are highly engaging and guaranteed to move your audience to their next level.

Save Time by Working with a Professional

Dale has delivered hundreds of presentations to audiences ranging from exhausted parents to restless professionals. As a member of the National Speakers Association, she knows how to grab an audience and hold their attention even in a virtual world.

Avoid the Hassle of Speaking Divas

Dale is committed to helping you succeed. She's enjoyable to work with and able to customize her content to your needs. She highly responsive and can make your life easier by accommodating shorter lead times and shrinking budgets.

Dale Wilsher PCC, CCSP
Professional Development Expert

Whether you are a business, brand, or one-of-a-kind human being, my mission is to provide insight into deeper, more meaningful truths (the things you can’t see or don’t know about yourself) so you can engage fully in all you are meant to be.

NSA Member
U.S Chamber of Commerce Faculty Member
Certified Visual Presenter

“Dale will love your people and… your people will love Dale.”