A 6-week virtual group coaching experience

introducing Boundary Bootcamp
A premier class for professional women to live, work, and love with intention, ambition, and devotion.
Business owners who want to steward an authentic and powerful brand
Leaders who want to intentionally serve rather than reactively please
Professionals who want to have greater integrity and pride in their work
Moms who want to empower rather than enable their children
Wives who want a healthy and loving marriage filled with respect
This class was instrumental in helping me learn to value my boundaries
"This class was instrumental in helping me learn to value my boundaries and discover how being such a helper for so long has made me an enabler. "I will work as hard as you do" was a game changer for me."
Jillian C., General Surgeon

If you are sick and tired of:

Picking up the slack for irresponsible people
Saying yes because you don't know how to say no
Reacting with anger and losing your cool
Feeling guilty, resentful, and oh so responsible

then Boundary Bootcamp is right for you!

Boundary Bootcamp will take you from feeling guilty and resentful from all the things you've been overdoing for others TO clear and calm because you are able to do what is meaningful for you.

Virtual Classes
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Two (2) class times available:

Monday DAY - 11:30am-1:00pm MST
Monday EVENING - 6:00pm-7:30pm MST

Classes held on Mondays & run for 6 weeks
90 minute classes.

Group size limited to 15 Members.

My story

As a girl with a strong personality, I tried to tone it down as much as possible because my assertiveness wasn't well tolerated in my family. This led to me over-read the room, all the time, so I could be what others wanted me to be. I didn't speak up or make my opinions known lest I be called a "feminist", our name for pushy women who wouldn't get-what-they-get-and-not-throw-a-fit.

But then after all that people-pleasing behavior, I hit a wall and turned into the wicked witch of the west. I over-asserted myself at work and home - yelling, blaming, and judging everyone for their laziness and irresponsibility. It didn't help that I naturally have the RBF, so I came across as intense and hostile. And truth be told, I was more focused on being right than being in relationship, until the guilt cycled me back to good girl mode again.

Until I learned how to set and hold healthy boundaries. This one skill has changed my life.

No longer needing to protect myself through anger and aggression, I can empathize with the feelings of others and consider their needs while still holding my own. I now know how to help others without giving away the farm so my words and actions convey greater integrity. And I've stepped up to a whole new level of confidence from which I am speaking, leading, and exerting my authority with grace and strength, at least most of the time. :)

What this means for you

I tell you all this because I know first hand just how confusing boundaries can be and how difficult it is to find a healthy balance between passive and aggressive. I understand the impossible situation that women find themselves in and how hard it is to change what you've been taught about boundaries, namely that you shouldn't have any. And I know the courage it takes to be your authentic self, to advocate for your own needs, and to risk losing people or positions in the quest for something better.

As a certified life and leadership coach, author, and personality trainer for the last 10 years, I now get to educate and guide female leaders and purpose-driven professionals toward greater definition and direction. I get to help them find the clarity they seek so they can enjoy vibrant relationships and confidently pursue mission-minded work.

If you're struggling with assertiveness or aggressiveness, I'd love to do the same for you.

What we will cover

Week 1

Overcoming Over-Responsibility Syndrome

Put an end to over-responsibility syndrome and people-pleasing behaviors that make you feel responsible for holding your family or company together, keeping all the balls in the air, and being the rock everyone depends on.
Week 2

Communicating with Courageous Consideration

Learn Boundary Lingo by knowing what not to say ie. "I'm always here for you" and replacing those reactive phrases with powerfully polite statements such as "This no longer works for me" or "Not at this time."
Week 3

Dealing With Guilt, Resentment and Worry

Learn why you experience negative emotions when setting boundaries and how to maintain a positive locus of control while doing your best for others.
Week 4

Getting Clear on Your Preferences

Determining what you want or need is not easy when you've been socialized to ignore your desires and focus on others. In this class you will get clear about what you really want and how to live without regret.
Week 5

The Difference Between Enabling & Helping

Identify the role you play that allows the people around you to take advantage of you and know how to start helping others instead of enabling victim behavior.
Week 6: February 27

Holding Boundaries with Consequences

It's one thing to set boundaries but quite another to hold them. Learn how to set and enforce effective consequences that push others out of their comfort zones and into high performance.

This is about getting serious about your purpose and your authority as a leader. Because only you can steward the strengths you've been given. Only you can offer the gifts you've been granted. And only you can deliver the mission you've been sent to accomplish. And not only that, when you've got firm and friendly boundaries, you'll be able to hold space for others so they too will have the opportunity for better relationships and richer work.

Dale's Top 10 Boundary Tips

Act rather than speak
Start with someone easy
Lose the TMI
Know your bigger yes
Adopt the 24 hour rule
Know your line
Listen for statements
Watch your space
Have a consequence
Don't be parental
I am better able to say no at work and set boundaries rather than automatically saying yes to
being a pleaser.
Before this class I was nagging and mothering my team to complete tasks so we wouldn't get a bad Google review. Now I am better able to say no at work and set boundaries rather than automatically saying yes to
be a pleaser.
Vickie S., Sales Manager
6-Week Virtual Group Coaching Experience
90 minute classes.

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Retail Price $397

I cannot wait to get to work with you in Boundary Bootcamp...

Getting clear on my boundaries has changed my life. It's given me the definition and direction I have needed to be intentional and responsible with my words and actions. It's made me confident in my responses and able to speak, lead, and exert my authority. And it's showed me how to hold space for those folks who don't like my boundaries, so that too they will have the opportunity for something much better.

Let me show you what your bigger YES is, so you can, with courage and consideration, use that one simple word, NO.

If you're ready to stand: to respond confidently, lead intentionally, and live authentically, then join me.

In your corner,