April 30, 2024

The Stabilizer

The Stabilizer

Stabilizer, I’ve got three little words for you.


I see your stability, your faithfulness, and your caring heart. I see your gifts of observation and your ability to listen well. I see your thoughtfulness, your tender mercy, and your helpful attitude. I see the way you accept others and put up with all manner of things. I see the balance and steady rhythm of your life.

Because you aren’t demanding, others sometimes miss seeing you. They take you for granted, like the air they breathe or water they drink, because you are ever-present but never any trouble. But you, too, often take yourself for granted. Most Stabilizers I know miss the magnificence of who they are and what they bring to others.


The truth is this: Your strengths are nothing short of exceptional and desperately needed in this world.

Without you, we’d all go our own way.

Without you, we’d be contentious, rude, and grumpy.

Without you, we’d all feel rushed and exhausted.

Without you, we’d be restless, jittery, and full of angst.

Without you, the world would be cold and harsh.

Without you, we’d be left alone in our pain and misery.

Without you, we wouldn’t feel seen or heard.

Dear Stabilizer, you are a soft-spoken mom who holds your family steady, promotes peace and harmony, prevents breakdowns and unwanted changes. You serve your children with tenderness and warmth, long suffering, routines, tradition and quiet as well as the uncanny ability to calm and soothe.

If Doers like things My Way, Connecters like things the Fun Way, and Improvers like things the Right Way, You like things Our Way. You care about others, wanting everyone’s voice to be heard and counted. You value peace and loyalty and are always wondering, Are we in agreement?


Here’s a list of your top 5 superpowers, those qualities you possess that the rest of us can’t even begin to touch.







Modern day examples of your type are Mother Theresa, Melania Trump, Princess Diana, Kourtney Kardashian, and Carey Mulligan. Fictional Stabilizers are Luke Skywalker, Frodo (Lord of the Rings), Rose (Titanic), Raj (Big Bang Theory), Rachel and Chandler (Friends), Jim (The Office).


If you’d like to hear more about your Top 5 Superpowers and the ways that you uniquely love and serve your family, check out the Stabilizer Minibook or What’s Your Mom Type? Discovering God’s Design for You to learn much more.

There are four Authentic Personality Types:

Doers: Motivators who direct, dominate, and get stuff done.

Stabilizers: Peace-lovers who comfort, calm, and listen.

Connecters: Communicators who inspire, energize, and make life fun.

Improvers: Thinkers who prepare, plan, and perfect.

If Stabilizer is your major, one of these types could be your minor. They are probably the type of your boss, husband, best friend, or children. Become a student of the people in your life in order to communicate, collaborate, and motivate them today.